FJDynamics announces the availability of Trion Model on iPadOS to unleash more accessibility in surveying business

SINGAPORE, June 6, 2024 — FJDynamics, the global provider of geospatial technologies and solutions, is excited to announce the availability of its FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software on iPadOS today. The new iPad support promises a great leap in mobility and efficiency, aligning with the company's mission of making technology more accessible to users across the world.

"We're taking the lead in adding the iPad support of the FJD Trion Model Point Cloud Processing Software, allowing users to enable fast processing even on the go, instead of waiting to return to their PC for that work," said April Qiu, Director of Product at FJDynamics. "This really helps make technology more accessible for more users in a wide range of scenarios."

While most software of its kind is generally available for use on PC, FJD's iPad compatibility shows its commitment to democratizing technology for more users and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in user experience. The rollout of the mobile edition brings more convenience to AEC professionals, surveyors, mapping workers, and 3D enthusiasts, with a wide range of thoughtful considerations and practical features.

Simplified Workflow: Getting High-Quality Data on Site

After completing the on-site scan, users can quickly create a project on their iPad and generate the corresponding point cloud data without having to go back to the office for PC processing. They can then directly measure important metrics such as distance, area, and angle to slip into data profiling. In case any missed information is found during the initial scan, they can run another scan right away on the spot to rectify the situation, streaming the process for efficient and effective data collection.

"Our iPad edition enables users to analyze and process raw point cloud data on the iPad tablets without the need for downloads or imports," said Qiu. "This really saves a great deal in time and effort through timely data quality control, reducing the time-consuming redos associated with a PC."

Thanks to the high resolution and powerful processing chip of iPad Pro, users can implement rendering through multiple modes such as intensity, RGB, and elevation, or simply customize the rendering to meet their needs. The iPad edition renders images smoother than a PC, delivering superior visual clarity on point cloud.


Faster Sharing: Taking Surveying Efficiency to the Next Level

Designed with the ease of use in mind, the iPad edition allows users to directly access the post-processed data on the web without the need for additional software to download it, increasing the chance of fast delivery and sharing. The iPad edition is an efficiency booster for any surveying jobs, whether in construction sites or heritage conservation.

With quick access to point cloud data on the go, users can also share the rendered video or point cloud link from their iPad to social media platforms, helping generate leads or attract potential customers. The iPad support is going to revolutionize the way users process the data scanned from their surveying projects.



The FJD Trion Model is now available for free download on AppStore for iPads. Users need to register a new account to use it or log in to the mobile app with the supported social media account prompted on the login page.

Download the iPad edition here: Download Now

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