FJDynamics (FJD) donates a batch of diesel generators and solar panels to help with disaster relief and homeland rebuilding in the wake of the earthquake that shook Türkiye and Syria earlier this month.

(Packed generators ready to be shipped to a warehouse designated by the Turkish consulates)
  With the help of Turkish consulates, these generators and solar panels will be shipped to Türkiye and distributed among provinces where power lines are down and emergency power is needed — the displaced and elderly keeping themselves warm, people charging their phones and laptops to stay connected with loved ones, and rescue teams proceeding with detection, excavation, and nighttime work. The staff of FJDynamics is saddened by the news and their hearts are with the affected. The company will keep itself updated on the earthquake via news and local staff and will do its best to help restore the country 84 million people call home.

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