FJDynamics Launches a New Accessible Plug-and-Play System to Unlock Autosteering Power in Steer-Ready Agri-Machinery

SINGAPORE, July 5, 2024 — FJDynamics, a global leader in precision agriculture technologies, excitedly announces the official launch of its FJD AS2 Steer Ready Autosteering System. This revolutionary system unlocks the autosteering power to steer-ready farming vehicles quickly in a plug-and-play manner, simplifying installation with minimal possible modifications and upleveling steering precision to farmers across the world.

FJD AS2 Steer Ready Autosteering System

FJD AS2 Steer Ready Autosteering System 

"Our AS2 is a true plug-and-play solution to quickly realize autosteering in steer-ready vehicles," said Young Yang, Director of FJD Precision Agriculture. Built with a compact structure, the AS2 has been introduced as an important system for directly controlling hydraulic flow in agricultural machinery, allowing operators to accomplish precise operations with comfort from the cab for all terrain adventures.

Perfect Fit for Steer-Ready Vehicles: Minimal Modifications Incur No Other Costs

The AS2 supports a wide range of steer-ready agricultural machinery that are pre-equipped with autosteering through CANBUS communications. "It doesn't require any additional controllers or changes to the original configuration," said Yang. Its adaptability makes it the perfect fit for various farming operations, from tillage to harvest, reducing the need for additional equipment.

"We've noticed that some farmers have bought steer-ready machinery, but later they may find it somewhat expensive to upgrade to the vehicle's factory autosteering system or those of other manufacturers," explained Yang. "The FJD AS2, designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, offers an affordable alternative to farmers with tight financial budgets or looking for an economical option." 

With seamless integration into the reserved steer-ready port of a tractor, the AS2 allows farmers to retain their high-quality steering wheel as before with zero modifications. Also, the system reduces the need for installing an additional hydraulic valve or replacing the original steering wheel, saving farmers a great deal in hiring experienced workers for troublesome installation.

Terrain Pioneer in Any Landfield: High Precision Comes From Stable Control

The AS2 seamlessly integrates with a tractor's hydraulic valves and utilizes the original factory-fit steering valves, delivering reliable stability and precise steering control with 2.5cm accuracy. This innovative system keeps the steering wheel stationary during navigation, allowing for effortless adjustments and consistent performance across all terrains and field types.

"By directly connecting to the vehicle's hydraulic system, the AS2 enables operators to achieve the same level of accuracy and efficiency enjoyed by autosteering counterparts," said Yang. "You can trust it to be a pioneer in your daily farming across varying terrains and field types." Without troublesome external wiring, the AS2 is going to be directly powered on with the power outlet inside the cab.

Once plugged into a steer-ready vehicle, the AS2 also offers a wide array of practical features, including a variety of guidance line patterns, smart U-turn, seamless GIS information transfer, and multi-source signal support. "On a mission to provide farmers with accessible and optimal technology solutions, the AS2 is our answer to accelerating innovation and success for farmers," confirmed Yang.


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