FJDynamics will make its first presence at Agrishow (Booth A21d) from April 25 to 29, 2022. Agrishow is the biggest and most important agricultural technology trade show in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

To further explore its Brazilian market, FJDynamics will showcase its highly competitive products and industrial solutions at Agrishow, including FJD Autosteering Kit, 3D Excavator Guidance System, and Reference Station. By introducing its precision farming and digital construction technology to the most influential agricultural show in Brazil, FJDynamics will make a further step in expanding its overseas market and influence in Latin America.

Making Precision Farming Accessible for All Farmers

FJD Autosteering Kit is our best-selling product to be showcased in this exhibition. It offers efficient and highly accurate solutions for farmers to achieve precision farming at less cost. To farmers, operation accuracy really matters. Equipped with GNSS and RTK signal input, FJD Autosteering Kit ensures precise agricultural operation in diverse landscapes with high accuracy of 2.5 centimeter, which avoids overlapping while maximizes the efficiency of land use.

Here is an example of how our Kit helps farmers to improve efficiency and reduce waste. One of our South African customers comments, "Without GPS, we wasted a lot of seeds and fertilizers and sometimes we also missed pieces of land. With GPS, we don’t have that problem anymore. Also I work with less fatigue but for longer hours at a time."

"In agriculture, a big problem of using large machines to cultivate is that you may easily omit part of the cultivation area. The omitted areas will then become ideal places for pests and weeds. I tested a lot of navigation products, but the main reason for me to buy your product is your competitive price, the considerable flexibility, and the possibility to connect cameras and extend the navigation with a base station," says one Polish customer who drives a JCB Fastrac and is spraying his rapeseed field for weed removal.

He adds, "The farmer has a 50-hectare farmland that he sprays 6 times, which reach to a total of 300 hectares each year. Without auto steer, the errors will cause the farmer to miss spots where weeds and pests thrive. To avoid this, farmers will then add more water to the agent to cover as much area as possible, but as the agent is diluted, the effectiveness is decreased. Thus, the farmers may have to deliver more sprays to control the weeds and pests. Repeated spaying in turn causes some spots to be overly sprayed, leaving them unable to grow anything."

With FJD Autosteering Kit, precision farming becomes more accessible to all farmers. It enables them to increase productivity while decrease cost. Here is an example of how our steering kit helps users to achieve a 5% revenue growth and 10.7% profit increase, while at the same time reduce cost by 17.2%.

Note: The testing site is a 20-hectare rice and wheat field where the double cropping pattern is adopted.

Most importantly, the price of FJD Autosteering Kit is only about 1/3 of the price of similar products in the market, but we offer you higher accuracy and better performance. What’s more, we have promotion price only for Agrishow! Come and get your tractor upgraded with minimum cost!

Improving Construction Efficiency With Less Cost

FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System, another leading product for digital construction designed by us, is a good helper for operators to free themselves from repetitive work and to improve working efficiency. Our accurate GPS guidance system is designed to make excavating easier, safer and more productive.

It uses RTK combined with GNSS technology to achieve the 3cm positioning accuracy of the excavator. This effectively avoids rework caused by over-excavation and waives the need for staking and grade checkers. It also reduces the risk of personnel working in dangerous locations.

Equipped with GNSS, RTK technology and attitude sensor module, you can obtain the real time positioning of the bucket with centimeter-level accuracy. When your vehicle is working, the control terminal will display the real-time operation status of the bucket, guiding you to precise construction with an accuracy of 3cm.

With the simple and intuitive 3D model animation display, the operator can clearly see current construction status and precisely control the excavator. It will be simple and quick to complete the operation. What’s more, FJD 3D Excavator Guidance System is compatible with multiple brands of excavators and supports different types of buckets (tilt buckets, universal buckets, tiltrotator buckets, etc.).

3D Excavator Guidance System helps simplify the repetitive steps of lofting, piling and measuring in traditional construction, and makes construction easier and more efficient.

"The position of the bucket tooth is accurately displayed on the screen, and the set 0 point is perfectly reached. This 3D grade control system is just so simple. I even think that inexperienced people can quickly learn how to dig accurately," commented by our South Korean client.

Another customer in Bulgaria, who has successfully installed an excavator system in Varna, is able to carry out underwater work with a real-time accuracy of 1-3 cm.

About FJDynamics

FJDynamics is a robotics company focusing on digitization, automation and new energy. We are committed to making useful and affordable robots for the most labor-intensive industries, and we aim to use our technology to drive carbon neutrality and improve the working environment.

So far, our technology has been widely applied across agriculture, gardening, construction, surveying and facility services. The company has R&D and operation centers in Singapore, the U.S., Sweden, mainland China and Hong Kong. With our global reach, we are excited to work with our partners and customers to build a better future for our world.

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