Purchasing new machineries is a hard decision for most farmers. On the one hand, new machineries with the most advanced technologies will lead to a significant increase in productivity, while on the other hand, new equipment means extra costs. If you are wondering how to get your money's worth, just read this article fully at the moment! 

A Complex Diagnostics and Replacement 

Run a complex diagnostic of the machineries and replace key spare parts with modernized components. For example, the oil bath air filter could be replaced by the latest paper air filter, which leads to a greater reduction in labour efforts and the costs of maintenance.

Feedback Collection by Monitoring Your Farm

Monitoring key factors of the farmland is the secret to your success. The need for watering and fertilization of soils can be indicated by the controllers place in the field. A digital 3D model of a farm can be created and used to guide vehicles.

Autosteering and Positioning Navigation System

A key upgrade for old tractors and other farm machineries is to implement autosteering and navigation systems, with the GNSS positioning to give instructions to their operations.

The tractors will automatically operate along the datum lines. According to one of our customers who produces mainly cotton and soybeans, the working efficiency has been improved by 10% since adopting Autosteering Kit. "It is very helpful, especially for operations in extreme conditions. With the help of the Autosteering Kit, I can now work at night to meet the schedule." our customer said.

Movements will be precisely performed with the monitor of positioning systems. It simply improves productivities by offering precision operation solutions at a reasonable price.

To know more about how FJDynamics Autosteering Kit can help you renovate your machinery and productivity in the new season,Contact Us!

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