Since the introduction of the concept of Industry 4.0, the world has been accelerating the construction of digital infrastructure. As a global robotics company, FJDynamics released its solution--3D Excavator Guidance System--to digital construction in 2021. This is FJD’s new accomplishment in the field of digital construction. In the wake of increasing market share of global excavators and a shortage of skilled labor, FJDynamics is using digital technology to help construction companies better adapt to the era of Industry 4.0.

Digitalization is the best solution when labor efficiency is underperforming

The global excavator market share is expected to grow by 43% compared to 2018, reaching USD 63.14 billion in 20261. Global demand for the construction industry is still on a growth trend. However, skilled excavator operators have become a scarce resource, which does not match the growth in excavator market share. According to another global survey, approximately 62% of the contractors2 report difficulty finding skilled workers. The rising cost of time and labor invested by construction contractors contrasts with the poor labor productivity, which poses a formidable challenge to the industry.

In traditional construction, surveyors are often required to use handheld RTKs to repeatedly correct excavation data on survey points, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Drivers repeatedly calibrate the operations at the construction site, resulting in high fuel consumption of the excavators. Operation teams are understaffed and the construction progress is slow due to unexpected weather...The FJDynamics team combines self-developed positioning technology and attitude algorithms, using GNSS antennas, multiple types of sensor modules and real-time data processing algorithms, to conduct sub-inch precision construction. By doing so, FJD overcomes the obstacles in traditional construction, and accelerates the construction process in the era of Enterprise 4.0 digital construction.

FJD 3D Excavator guidance system meets diverse construction needs

The FJD 3D excavator guidance system is compatible with most major excavator models on the market and supports a wide range of bucket types. With the aid of a sensor module, the operator does not have to repeatedly jump off the excavator, but can sit in the cab and get real-time feedback on the accuracy of the moving arm and bucket teeth up to 3cm. Under assist mode, the bucket and boom will operate automatically while the operator simply needs to control the controller.

(The customer's extra-long boom excavator Komatsu 700LC from Bulgaria was successfully installed with 3D excavator guidance system and used for excavation of subsea pipelines in the Black Sea in March this year)

In the construction projects in Bulgaria, operators can view the 3D construction images corresponding to the construction environment in real time through the software and services provided by FJD, which enables them to have a clearer understanding of the construction status on site. In terms of safety, the 3D excavation system provides E-fence function, which can ensure the maximum space and personnel safety during construction.

3D excavator guidance system enhancements increase construction efficiency by 50%

The FJD 3D excavator has enabled better performance in construction teams regarding fuel saving and construction time, providing higher productivity than ever before. In this way, FJD has proven its excellence in construction over the past year. One excavator is installed with the FJD excavator grade control system while the other is not. The two excavators are under the same brand and both are with full fuel loads.

>Save up to 35% of fuel per day
>Save 35% of working time
>Construction efficiency increases by up to 50%
We are still working on further energy saving, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Different excavation sites and tasks around the world have different requirements for excavator guidance systems. To some extent, expenses on labor and time cost also affect the return on investment for companies. Most construction teams maximize their investment by implementing 3D guidance systems. By doing so, construction teams will reap the rewards of improved project execution schedules, lower fuel consumption, and thus reduced work time and increased team construction efficiency. FJDynamics 3D excavator system brings a new solution to the dilemma of skilled labor shortage and increased excavator demand.


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