Sensor System

Nadir RGB Camera 1*150MP industrial camera
Oblique RGB Camera 4*150MP industrial camera
IMU Applanix IMU-46
Maximum frame rate 0.5 sec (2 fps)
Nadir-Oblique focus rate 1:1.8
Sample flying height 665 m AGL@5 cm GSD

Camera system

Nadir RGB lenses 50 mm focal length, 56.21° FOV across track, 43.65° FOV along track
Oblique RGB lenses 90 mm focal length, 33.05° FOV across track, 25.09° FOV along track
Image size 14204 x 10652 pixels
Pixel size 3.76 μm, back-illuminated CMOS
Dynamic range 83 dB
ADC 14-bit
Data channel 14-bit dedicated compression
Spectral range R (580-660 nm) G (480-590 nm) B (420-510 nm)
Shutter Mechanical central shutter
Max speed: Nadir 1/2500 sec, Oblique 1/2000 sec
Exchangeable,Up to 500,000 cycle
Aperture Automatically controlled
Lens mount Mechanical bayonet connection


Processor 64-bit WIN 10, 32 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, USB 3.0, SATA 3.0
GNSS Integrated with Controller, Trimble BD992, 50 Hz update rate
Storage 5*2TB SSD
Storage capability 3h data record


Average power 440 W/28 VDC
Peak power 570 W/28 VDC
Power fuse 40 A recommended

Appearance Parameter

Weight (without lifter) 48 kg
Weight (with lifter) 66 kg
Height/Diameter 663 mm/400 mm