• 3D Visual
  • ±3cm
  • Tilt Bucket
  • Remote Control
    Unmanned Mode
  • Network
  • Online
    Support & OTA

Higher Efficiency with Reduced Cost

The GNSS and RTK-based grade control system features a 3D reference model, updates cut & fill workloads, and displays the real-time position of the excavator and bucket position. With the help of this system, operators of all skill levels can easily achieve an accuracy of 3cm.

Key Benefits

Digital Construction vs. Traditional Construction
  Fuel Consumption 45%
Fuel Consumption
 Proportion of Measuring     <br>   Point Accuracy Within 3cm 150%
Proportion of Measuring
Point Accuracy Within 3cm
 Labor Hours 35%
Labor Hours
FJD G31 3D excavator guidance system simplifies the repetitive steps of lofting,
piling and measuring in traditional construction, making construction easier and more efficient.
  • High Quality High Quality
  • Easy to Use Easy to Use
  • Cost Reduction Cost Reduction
  • Safety Guarantee Safety Guarantee
  • Extensive Adaptability Extensive Adaptability

Application Scenarios

The 3D visual guidance enables operators of all levels to view the real-time working processes. Entry-level operators will no longer have to check the depth and slope repetitively.
  • Land    <br>   Leveling Land
  • Wading  <br>     Operation Wading
  • Deep    <br>   Excavation Deep
  • Slope   <br>    Cutting Slope

Digital Construction Platform

Construction platform monitors the whole workflow in real time. The management of machines, materials, human resources etc. can be checked by site-manager at anytime and anywhere.

2 Different System Configurations

3D Excavator Guidance System

3D Excavator Guidance System

  • 3cm accuracy
  • 3D visual guidance
  • Site design
  • Tilt bucket support
2D Excavator Guidance System

2D Excavator Guidance System

  • Affordable price
  • Wireless modules
  • Easy to install & calibrate
  • Beginner friendly
Note: please contact our Sales Team for customized solutions.

Online Service & OTA

  • OTA Update
  • 24/7
    Online Service
  • Local Support
  • 2-Year

Customer Stories

  • Missouri and Arkansas, USA

    Precise trenching,USA

    "I have equipped the CAT 320 excavator with the 3D excavator grade control system from FJDynamics for my digging channel work in the field. I can monitor and control tasks in real time on the display in the cab. That is great!"
  • Missouri and Arkansas, USA

    Visualized operation, South Korea

    The position of the bucket tooth is accurately displayed on the screen, and the 0 point is perfectly reached. This 3D excavator grade control system is quite easy to use. I think that even inexperienced people can quickly dig accurately.
  • Missouri and Arkansas, USA

    Unexpected construction accuracy, Bulgaria

    "GEOVARA Ltd. has successfully installed FJDynamics excavator grade control system in Varna so that underwater work can be carried out with a real-time accuracy of 1-3 cm."