SHENZHEN, China, March 18, 2021 - FJDynamics, the global robotics company, released its solution for refined construction - 3D Excavator Guidance System. It is another breakthrough after it released the auto-steering system for agriculture machinery. 

The 3D Excavator Guidance System increases the accuracy of construction. Based on GNSS & RTK antenna and multi-type sensor modules which lead to high-precision construction, and give operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive than ever before.

Accuracy Means Efficiency

Accurate positioning in real-time is now available for excavators with the FJD Excavator Guidance System. Assisted by sensor modules, operators can now get real-time feedback of the movable arms and bucket rod.

Under assisted mode, the bucket and boom will operate automatically while the operator just needs to control the arm.

Extra Guardian for Extra Safety

Operators now can visualize and manage the tasks with FJD Guidance System. Equipped with an easy-to-learn "G-Master" platform, operators can see the virtual datum lines combined with real construction environments, which enables them to have a clearer view of construction status. Slope depth settings, and construction drawings can also be imported or custom designed on the system to manage the tasks on site.

Task visualization offers an extra guardian in complex operations. Adaptive learning capabilities lead to greater support for night and wading operations.

It also brings safety operations to the next level. The virtual E-fence could be activated when working in narrow or restricted spaces to limit the rotation angle and boom height of the excavator. Remote control mode enables operators to control the movement of the excavator from a distance, making construction safer in dangerous working conditions.


How to Solve the Dilemma in Skilled Labour Shortage

The increasing demands of excavators reflect the increasing demands of construction. On the other hand, the skilled operator resources have become scarce which did not match the increasing sales of excavators. The latest quarterly Commercial Construction Index (CCI) report shows construction companies are struggling to find skilled workers.

About FJDynamics 

FJDynamics is a robotics company focusing on automation, digitalization and green energy. We are dedicated to using our technology to enable a carbon-neutral society and improved working environment. Our technology has been applied to sectors including agriculture, gardening, construction, surveying and facility service. With global coverage of business, we are delighted to work with our partners and customers to bring a better future to our world.

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